Doors open at 16:00 EST

16:00 EST - late o’clock EST Hacking and exploration

20:00 EST - 21:00 EST Electro-organic open jam

21:00 EST - 21:40 EST In Outself (live brain-music performance)

21:40 EST - 22:00 EST The Dead Salmon & the True Negatives (live dead salmon performance)

21:40 EST - 02:00 EST DJ/VJ sets (Mat Moebius, BouBou, Xanarelle)


Come hack yourself within a creative echosystem where our latent spaces synchronize through biofeedback, generative AI and digital arts.
Our biofeedback pipeline (goofi-pipe) allows the signal from different biosensors including EEG, ECG, PPG and others to be broadcasted on the local Wi-Fi. Connect to the network and turn your art into an adaptive experience, or start building on one of our installations in the space.
With these tools you can embed your brain into the datastreams to gain a novel perspective on creativity, enriching your understanding of neuroscience and AI fusion.


Mechanical poet#

Watch our brain2image system and listen to poetry made from your brain. Our pipeline compares harmonic ratios present in your EEG signal to absorption/emission spectra of elements and generates a set of words and colors that are used for the image generation with StableDiffusion.

Sonification (CoCophonie)#

Plug some EEG into your old Ableton Live set to revive it, or create a new one specifically designed to magnify your brain farts. The MEME toolbox for Max4Live has all you need to get you started.

Visually augmented poetry#

Enhance your poetic expression through visual representations of your brain states.
We derive features from your EEG signal to attribute a set of style modifiers to the image being generated by StableDiffusion on your poetic flow.

Live coding#

Bring your own livecoding framework or get started with FoxDot (Python) or SonicPi (Ruby). Connect your code to one of the broadcasted OSC streams, and infuse life into your algorithms ! You can find a few bits of code here to get started with receiving OSC in FoxDot.

The 5th station#

Your own project ?